About Theresa





Friedrich Nietzsche expressed it beautifully: “At bottom every man knows well enough that he is a unique being, only once on this earth; and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvelously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as he is, ever be put together a second time.” 


The power of being your Self has been known for centuries. However, a simple clear way for any individual to know his or her particular truth hasn't been readily available. With the knowledge of how to make decisions from your unique perspective that honors all aspects of yourself enables you are to live in the world as yourself, unashamed and powerfully living as YOU, gaining all the benefits that derive from that – your body, your relationships, your career, and your health.


Each of us is born with a unique frequency.  Over time outside conditioning has interfered with your natural ability to make good decisions for yourself. In the end, the quality of your life is always determined by the decisions you’ve made. A consultation with Theresa Blanding can validate your unique nature and reveal your Strategy for making correct decisions.


Your knowledge of yourself is reframed, therefore relieving your internal discomfort about your life and place in the larger whole. Finding that secure place within yourself, you can begin to operate confidently in every moment regardless of the circumstances. All it takes is experimenting with the understanding you’ve gained from this validating consultation, and applying that knowledge to daily life situations. Ongoing coaching supports and strengths your confidence and is available from Theresa.


By following your personal Strategy and honoring your truth, you’ll receive the rewards of a life that fulfills your purpose and is deeply enriching for the unique person you are. You eliminate your doubts about whether you’ve made the right decision, which makes it possible to keep moving forward with self-reliance.





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